NCAA 11 Picks Alabama Ohio State for the National Title

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We know there's a certain level of stagecraft and gimmickry to these sports video games picking winners. That said, EA Sports has correctly predicted the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, and World Cup champion this year.


Now, by virtue of NCAA Football 11, it says Alabama will defeat Ohio State nope, it actually says Ohio State beats Alabama in the BCS National Championship game. giving college football its first consensus repeat National Champion since Nebraska in 1994 and 1995. Hooray for paying attention.

In an item posted by ESPN, EA also spit out winners of all the conferences and the major bowls. Except, interestingly, the Rose Bowl. Perhaps that's because USC, the predicted winner of the Pac-10, is under a two-year postseason ban.

I've run a couple sims and the Trojans are postseason-eligible in both of them. (Curiously, Stanford won the national championship in one. Yes, really.) Southern California received its sanctions on June 10. A) That was likely way too late in the design process to be accommodated and B) This is a game that gets NCAA review and approval, as a licensing partner, and it has a strong design ethic toward letting the fans play the games and teams they want to play across multiple modes. For the same reasons it won't put Utah and Colorado into the Pac-10 for year two of your dynasty, I'd be astonished if it ever got elbows deep into eligibility and sanctions.

The sim also had Boise State defeating Houston in the Sugar Bowl; Florida State defeating West Virginia in the Orange Bowl; Ole Miss defeating out Missouri in the Cotton Bowl, and Texas A&M beating Utah in the Fiesta Bowl. The other conference (and conference division) winners, according to the EA Sports sim:

ACC: Florida State (13-1)
ACC (Atlantic): Florida State (13-1)
ACC (Coastal): Georgia Tech (11-3)
Big Ten: Ohio State (13-0)
Big 12: Texas A&M (12-2)
Big 12 (North): Missouri (10-3)
Big 12 (South): Texas A&M (12-2)
Big East: West Virginia (13-0)
C-USA (East): UCF (11-3)
C-USA (West): Houston (13-1)
MAC: Ohio (10-4)
MAC (East): Ohio (10-4)
MAC (West): Western Michigan (8-5)
Mountain West: Utah (11-2)
Pac-10: USC (11-1)
SEC: Alabama (13-1)
SEC (East): Georgia (11-3)
SEC (West): Alabama (13-1)
Sun Belt: Mid Tenn State (9-4)
WAC: Boise State (12-0)
Independents: Navy (8-5)


Ohio State beats Alabama to capture BCS Championship [ESPN]



UGA goin 11-3? If anyone believes that I've got some ocean front property in Idaho I'd like to sell you. I've already got $100 with my buddy who is a UGA grad on O/U 9 wins for them. If EA's prediction happens, Owen you have permission to ban me. UF is winning the East and then losing to Bama in the championship game again.