Valve Helps Indie Dev Get Rich

Minecraft is a neat little indie game that until this week had been getting by on word of mouth and forum recommendations. All that changed when Team Fortress 2 developers Valve gave the game a shout-out.


Since highlighting the game in a recent Team Fortress 2 blog update, sales of the game have gone through the roof; of just under 39,000 total sales since the game went on sale in 2009, over 3,000 of those have come in the past three days. At €10 a copy (around USD$13), that's a healthy week's pay for the game's creator and lone developer Markus Persson.

Of course, you don't have to pay to play Minecraft. You can also sign up for a "Classic" account and play the game's bare-bones mode for free, and you can do both those things from the link below.


[Minecraft, story via PC Gamer]

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... What the heck is the game about?

That video looked like a very boring tech demo, and 3D Dot Game Hero Heroes did the style better.

Seriously, Luke, please tell me that that video was chosen because of your brain deciding to imitate a rutabaga, and not because it was the most exciting example of gameplay that you could find.