Ice-T Reviews Medal Of Honor's Beta

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Rapper and TV cop Ice-T is a man of strong opinions. He is also a man who loves him some video games. So what does he think of Medal of Honor's beta?


It's hard to tell whether that's Modern Warfare fanboyism shining through or not. I'm actually enjoying the beta, especially the objective map. Or, at least, I started enjoying it once I got the half-decent weapons. Lock those out of the final game for that long and you'll get a lot of people putting their controllers down early, EA.

Also, what a life the man leads, where his most pressing concern is choosing which demo to play, then Twittering about it!

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I've got to go with Ice T here - the MOH Beta blew. Horribly. Sat on it for a few months, but ended up canceling my pre-order in the end - first time I've done that in longer than I can remember.

I was ridiculously excited for it, thinking it would be my new multiplayer game, but it's just not good.

Feels like the inbred child of Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2 which, I guess, it kind of is.

Unfortunately, it has none of the personality of the art style behind Bad Company 2 and the visuals are dreary bland and just plain ugly (yes I get it's in the desert, yes I get the subject matter is not sunny, but that doesn't excuse the horrid visuals). The animations are terrible as well, and the Beta hasn't been updated once to show any improvement.

Unfortunately, 'Well duh, it's Beta' doesn't really hold up these days, as Betas are typically pretty darn close to the final product, minus some small general bug fixes that could typically be rolled out in a post-retail patch.

The gameplay feels like a less complicated version of Bad Company 2, without the environmental destruction and in a smaller environment. It handles alright, but the general feel of the Beta, along with the iffy subject matter, just kind of feels 'bleh,' and certainly not worth $60.

I'll wait for reviews, as who knows about the single player, but at the moment I'm doubting most reviews will break the 80 mark, and hover more around the 60/70 point (Kotaku excluded, of course).