Pokemon: Black & White Is Wall To Wall New Pokemon

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Upcoming Nintendo DS game Pokemon: Black and White is the fifth generation of Pocket Monster games. A new game means new Pokemon.

Pokemon game developer Junichi Masuda blogged this about Black and White: "Right up to the ending, it's all new Pokemon." The reason why, Masuda continues, is that the team wants young and old players to begin from the same starting point. That way they both can enjoy discovering new Pocket Monsters.

According to Masuda, those outside of the studio who have played the game say Black and White feels "fresh". One player says it's feels new — like playing through first Pokemon games.


Pokemon: Black and White might not have the Pokemons you know and love. It has your new favorites Pocket Monsters.

ゲームフリーク:増田部長のめざめるパワー » ・第170回・ [GameFreak]

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Things that have prevented me from getting back into Pokémon, despite eyeing Platinum (and these new games) for some time:

-We've left the days of the GB/GBA behind and we don't need a stupid extra cable to trade. This is awesome, and really the ideal scenario.

Ironically, now I have no one to take advantage of that sweet DS wifi for trading and whatnot. Even though I know some people with DSs, I don't think any of my friends really have any of the new Pokémon games. Except for one guy that I think just kinda checks out each new game but doesn't really get into them (he's notorious for sampling games but rarely completing them), so I wouldn't expect him to suddenly dig his copy of Diamond back out after 2 years of not playing it just to trade with me should I buy Platinum.

-Seriously, it just discourages me that catching 'em all is not even faintly possible. I think the enormity of that task is what turned me off finishing Silver, and I ended up just beating Johto then stopping.

Man, I actually knew people back in the days of Red/Blue that literally had a full Pokédex. It was the stuff of dreams.

-And in general, I'm a little concerned about whether the series is in any way "age appropriate", though god knows how many Nintendo series I still play that are borderline age appropriate.

When I say that, I don't even mean "ZELDA ISN'T DARK AND GRITTY ENOUGH, IT SHOULD BE DRAGON AGE", which seems to be what all the Zelda fanboys ultimately want. I just mean "Pokémon, and even stuff like the Mario & Luigi RPGs, are pretty much beginner RPGs that seem geared towards a newcomer to the genre (or even gaming), and I can absolutely fly circles around their gameplay with absolutely no thought on my part."

That sort of "this is so below my skill level, it's sad" age appropriate.

Any thoughts on these objections?