Monday Night Combat: The Game So Nice They Certified It Twice

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Insiders noted that Monday Night Combat had yet to send out review codes, giving rise to bad-news theories about the game's release. All that's going on, says Uber Entertainment, is some post-release support pre-release.

What raised the semi-stink? Titles under Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade typically had review copies a week before their release. And Monday Night Combat passed Microsoft certification and went gold four weeks ago, according to Uber executive producer Chandana Ekanayake. But, "although we were happy about finishing there were some performance issues and some other bugs that we felt weren't up to snuff at Uber," he says.

"So we asked MS to let us submit our game through Certification again with fixes which means the whole game gets tested all over again," Ekanayake said. "So, it passed again just this Friday." Hence the review delay.


While writers' review copies aren't your problem, it is good to let folks know that for a game with such a huge multiplayer component, Uber's double-bagged its groceries to be extra sure before the release.

Monday Night Combat is out, on schedule, this Wednesday.

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Saw this at Pax East. Looks neat ... reminds me a lot of Midway's arcade-only arena combat game "The Grid".