Sam's Club? You don't need Sam's Club to print your Madden covers off. Or EA, for that matter, because we know you're lazy, and have trouble navigating the homepages of monolithic publishers. So we're giving you the option of getting them right here, with these watermark-free, printable copies of the new Packers-less, Jets-oriented box art. There's one for each version - 360, PS3, PSP and PS2 - and they should be big enough that, when printed, they'll look indistinguishable from the copies of Madden 08, Madden 07 and Madden 06 next to it on the shelf. Oh, except Wii owners, there's no cover for you. Don't take it as a sign EA don't think you care, take it as a sign EA know you don't care. Madden 09 - 360 Cover Madden 09 - PS3 Cover Madden 09 - PS2 Cover Madden 09 - PSP Cover