LEGO + Nintendo Games = Mind Blown

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This is a sequel of sorts to 2009's amazing "8-Bit Trip", by Swedes remdreglade. They're back, with a new name (Ninja Moped) and a mind-blowing series of "gameplay" videos of NES games made with nothing but LEGO.

As an added bonus, the clips double as trivia contests. Can you name every game you see before you? You'd better take notes. This really is a trivia contest, and Ninja Moped will be handing out answers at the conclusion of each clip.

Answers, and ideas for some incredible knitwear.

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I am actually really disappointed. When Rymdreglage released their version I listened and watched every day. The first one was fucking awesome because it was a music video and the music was awesome, the animation was awesome.

These kinda suck. Doesn't seem as epic as the first and teh music sucks.


Also I am reasonably sure the movie animation part (not the 3d) is simply done in computer software, because the little nubs on top don't move even slightly. I think Rymdreglage's had this same problem, but you couldnt see the nubs on his legos tops which made it suspicious...