Easy Credit Ripoff In Halo: Reach

This guy says he's found a wash-rinse-repeat way to rack up 20,000 credits in Halo: Reach inside of 10 minutes. I promise, I promise, I promise Naughty Bear is not going to jump out and say boo.

Boo. OK just kidding. Per YouTube user TheresPooOnMyShoe Here's the five-step process annotating that video above:

Step 1: Choose ONI:Sword Base in Campaign on Normal with free for all score.
Step 2: Run through the level till you can pick up the Target Locator.
Step 3: Walk to the door and wait for a "Checkpoint"
Step 4: Fire at the enemies!
Step 5: Press start, choose "Revert to last save" and let teh credits roll!


Reminds me of the free-money glitch in The Godfather: The Game. Sort of. This guy says he's made lite colonel off this. My guess is if the exploit is legit, it gets closed in the next week.

How to get 20,000 credits On Halo Reach In 10 Minutes [YouTube, thanks Josh H.]

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So what do "credits" do in this game?