Chic, Sleek, Sexy, So Sexy New Avatar in Motion

Sure, the new look for the Kinect-compatible Xbox 360 avatars isn't that different than the old look, but there is a certain je ne sais quoi.

Here's a not too quick video of the old and new look of the new Xbox 360 avatars due to hit with the November dash update... alright it's like one minute of old avatar and nine minutes of me fiddling with my hair in the new avatar editor.

One important note: While we did have some issues with special avatar items not showing up on the new avatars, Microsoft assures us that come the public launch all the avatar items that you purchased will be available.

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So our male avatars still move like women...great,and our paid for themes are still covered up by boatloads of advertising despite the fact we pay for the service,way to go press,keep touting the greatness of the dashboard:(