If You Want, You Can Bail On Blizzard's Real ID

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Blizzard's Real ID system, whereby users could share an account over several services using their actual name, seemed like a good idea to some, didn't exactly go down too well with many others.


Now those who first thought it was a good idea, and now don't, can get rid of it, with Blizzard revealing a means whereby users can opt in and out of certain Real ID elements (like Facebook compatibility) or in and out of Real ID itself.


All you need to do to make the changes is change the settings in your Battle.net account.


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But you still have to consent to your private messages being monitored. That's actually quite a lot more evil than the real ID thing, but seems to have got lost in the debate.

"By clicking the check box below, you agree that Blizzard (or one of Blizzard’s affiliates) has the right to monitor and review personal messages you send or receive on the Battle.net Service, or through any game that is playable through the Battle.net Service, to investigate potential violations of the law, the Battle.net Terms of Use, or the Terms of Use agreement specific to any game playable on the Battle.net Service."

That's a job for law enforcement, not for community management. Bad Blizzard.