Katamari Creator Has A New Company, Still Making Games

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Keita Takahashi, the creator of Katamari Damacy who recently left Namco Bandai, has started a new company with his wife Asuka Sakai (who is a composer) called uvula.

Takahashi says the new company is for freelance work, and that while their "center of works" include music (as well as playground design), they'll also be working on games, perhaps suggesting the designer was more sick of Namco Bandai than he was of video games.


While uvula's site is a little bare at the moment, there are some neat older images the pair have uploaded, including photos of old artwork and the covers for Katamari Damacy games.


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I can't help but think of this scene whenever I hear "uvula" now. D:

I'm glad they'll be working on a multitude of things— especially games. Takahashi is a god at gameplay, and I love how the Katamari series stood against the tides and showed how you can use minimalistic graphics to create massive, beautiful scenes of detail.

You will see my status (Whether I'm alive or I'm not alive) if you look at this page.

This should've been mentioned in the post, though~