World's Highest Gamerscore Reaches Half A Million

Stallion83 holds the Guinness World Record for the highest gamerscore in the world, and he's just reached 500,000 gamerscore points. Think you can catch up?


After a day filled with Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Arcade games, Stallion83 finally hit the 500,000 gamerscore point mark by scoring a 20 point achievement in episode 4 of Telltale's Wallace & Gromit series of downloadable adventure games. Achievement unlocked: halfway to his 1,000,000 point goal.

Over at the 1 Million Gamerscore Blog you can read a full account of Stallion83's day, from "7:00AM — Miss Mittens woke me up by meowing her face off. She better make the coffee today," to "3:38PM — Video posted."


Will he rest on his laurels, or continue the good fight? As I write this, he's online playing Karaoke Revolution. What a trooper.

500,000 Gamerscore [1 Million Gamerscore - Thanks Seto!]

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A big question that occurred to me: Besides the "obvious" questions of "does he have a life" that I'm sure have been asked about as many times as he has Gamerpoints, I honestly wonder if he truly enjoys the games that he plays (I'm sure many of us have tales of when we forced ourselves even to complete individual achievements that we didn't expressly enjoy).