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Words might be words, but some people are offended by certain words. That's why game makers — especially those making games for younger players — block certain words. Apparently, Pokemon: Black and White does not. WARNING: OFFENSIVE WORDS AHEAD.


A Japanese blog has gone through and attempted to enter a wide variety of questionable words to see what terms are not blocked for names. Many words cannot be used in the game; however, a sizable number of bad words and slurs can be entered in Black and White.

Here are the words that were apparently blocked: chinko (penis), chinchin (penis), chinpo (penis), penisu (penis), PENIS, seieki (semen), aieki (semen), manko (vagina), omanko (vagina), omeko (vagina), PUSSY, yariman (slut), ANAL, sekkusu (sex), SEX, reipu (rape), RAPE, goukan (rape), FUCK, fera (fellatio), unchi (poop), unko (poop), BITCH, SHIT, shine (die), rorikon (Lolita Complex), kichigai (lunatic), tsunbo (deaf person), buraku (Buraku are an outcast group in Japan), hinin (lowest rank of the Japanese feudal cast), ketou (hairy foreigner), shinjin (slur for Chinese), chankoro (slur for Chinese), kuronbo (dark person), niguro (negro), NEGRO, katawa (cripple), chinba (cripple), pikko (cripple), domori (stutter), WHORE, SLUT, ASS, DICK, COCK, DAMN, TWAT, CUNT and TITS.


Here are the words that are apparently not blocked: chinpoko (penis), ochinpo (penis), kintama (testicles), tamatama (testicles), fuguri (testicles), chinge (dick hair), nikubou (penis), mara (penis), seishi (semen), zaamen (semen), speruma (sperm), manjiru ("pussy juice"), yarichin (guy that beds lots of girls), omanman (vagina), mange (vagina hair), kurito (clit), oppai (boobs), anaru (anal), fakku (fuck), ferachio (fellatio), cunni (cunnilingus), paizuri (titty-fuck), onanii (masturbation), UNKO (poop), geri (diarrhea), taiben (shit), kuso (shit), makiguzo (shit), bicchi (bitch), oshikko (pee-pee), bukkorosu (to beat to death), kojiki (begger), dojin (native), burakumin (Burakumin are an outcast group in Japan), eta (lowest rank of Japanese feudal cast), nigaa (nigger), rosuke (Russian person - "Ruski"), Amekou (American person), JAP and Jjokbari (Korean slur for "Japanese people").

These words were either entered in hiragana, katakana or English, which is denoted by caps — save for "UNKO".

This is a laundry list of some of the most offensive words in Japanese. Many of these words cannot be used on television. Some of them, like "oppai", are fairly innocuous, ditto for "unchi" and "unko". The word "seishi" (semen), however, can also be a male's name. The kanji (Chinese characters) are different.

Please be aware that Kotaku has not had the opportunity to check these words for itself, but is following up with Nintendo.


【ポケモンBW】ニックネームのNGワードをさらに調べてみたww【ネタ】 [かくれオタのブログ]

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