Watch The Opening Of Persona Developer's Upcoming Game

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Exploring death in dreams. Upcoming role-playing game "Catherine" is the latest title from Persona developer Atlus, and it looks to be anything but typical.

The title features anime from Studio 4C (Mind Game, Tekkon Kinkreet, etc). This isn't Studio 4C's first venture into gaming; the company has worked on titles like Rogue Galaxy and Lunar Knights.

Catherine's debut (and NSFW) trailer features the game's male protagonist, Vincent, asking a woman if she's heard that when people die in a dream, they die in real life. The woman replies that she had a dream in which she killed someone.


Catherine is out this winter in Japan on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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""Catherine" looks to be anything but typical."

I guess ... it just kind of looks like Paprika combined with Samurai Champloo. I'm definitely interested, but it just feels like gaming caught up with where anime was at years ago.

I still have no idea how this game actually plays. I thought it was an action game?

And I hope they're holding most of the story as a surprise, because so far I'm not that into playing as a cheater. It's neat that a game is tackling a new theme, and a more mature storyline about an actual relationship instead of a first kiss, but I just hope there is more to this besides the fatal attraction vibe I'm getting from it.

Pretty much all that's gotten my attention so far are the cutscenes, because they haven't shown much, if any gameplay. Surprising for a game that comes out in two or three months.