Unboxing OnLive's Streaming PC Gaming Console

OnLive's streaming PC game technology comes to gamers' televisions when the OnLive Microconsole TV Adapters begin shipping early next month. Want to see what $99 buys you?

OnLive's Microconsole TV Adapter went on sale yesterday, with units expected to begin shipping the first week of December. It consists of a smallish black box that acts as a go-between for the OnLive service and your television, allowing players to stream PC games directly to the television without need of a PC.


The $99 device comes packed with a controller that looks a PlayStation 3 controller and Xbox 360 controller had a baby, a power adapter, a network cable, some batteries for the controller, and an HDMI connecter to hook to your television.


This should be all I need to stream OnLive games to my television.

I'll be testing out how well the service works via the Microconsole during the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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so in a nutshell the controller mashed the uncomfortable analog placement of the ps3 with the uninspired shape of the xbox 360 and the button locations of a nintendo handheld? ...welcome to ergonomic hell.