What Is "The Planet"?

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As is customary, there will be several new game reveals during this year's Spike TV Video Game Awards. This is one of them, for a game that may (or may not!) be called "The Planet".

Really, we only know it's a game because this is the VGAs. And I only call it "The Planet" because it doesn't have a name. That clip could have been for an animated feature film and we'd be none the wiser, so brief it was. But there were no guns, no spaceships, no aliens and no swords in that fifteen seconds of footage, so we're interested regardless.

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Give us your best guesses as to what it is/could be below. Does that brief glimpse of a HUD at the start give anything away?


UPDATE - We've heard that earlier in the day the clip had an "EA" tag when viewed on Spike's website. So those of you saying "BATTLEFIELD 3", well, you may be onto something. Unless EA got the rights to make a "2012" game and didn't tell anyone.

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Place your bets on whether the following will be true.

1. It will feature a Caucasian, male lead.

1b. He may be bald.

2. It will involve an assortment of guns.

3. Half-Life 2: Episode 3.