While the Wii's Clone Wars game fails to even light my excitement furnace's pilot light, the DS game is sounding much more promising. Mostly because of this:

Jedi Alliance is designed, from the ground up, as a stylus driven game. Player movement, combat, Force powers and puzzle solving all driven by the stylus. The unique form factor of the DS has given us a great opportunity for the first time ever to give players direct control of the Lightsaber.

So Ninja Gaiden/Phantom Hourglass, but with Jedi? That'd be lovely, thanks. Another neat addition to the game is drop-in, drop-out co-op play: you'll always be fighting with an AI opponent, and at any time a friend can jump in and assume the role of the "partner". Oh, and you can play as Kit Fisto. Which should really be the game's #1 selling-point, but then, who am I to tell Lucasart's PR how to do their jobs.

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