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Two Million Xbox 360 Gamers Have Played Castle Crashers

Illustration for article titled Two Million Xbox 360 Gamers Have Played Castle Crashers

Independent developer The Behemoth got a rather lovely present on Christmas Day, when the Xbox Live Arcade version of Castle Crashers surpassed two million players. How will they celebrate? With an Xbox made of gold.


Castle Crashers was a big hit when it was released in August of 2008, and sales haven't slowed down much since. It's consistently placed on the top 20 most downloaded Xbox Live Arcade titles, so reaching the two million player mark (based on unique gamertags on the leaderboards) was only a matter of time. The fact that the game reached this prestigious milestone on Christmas Day just makes the news that much more special.

"It is incredibly humbling to look at the leaderboards and see that crazy number. Initially releasing the game we hoped a few hundred thousand people would play it. We never dared to think of one million players, let alone two million", said Kelly Revak, Mayor of Behemothtown. "We are so grateful to all the players for supporting us. We're going to do something pretty exciting to thank everyone" said Revak. "Let's just say there's an Xbox made of gold involved. GOLD."


An Xbox made of gold, you say? Is that an Xbox constructed entirely out of gold, right down to the individual circuits, or simply an Xbox painted gold? These are important questions.

The PlayStation Network version of Castle Crashers was released in August of this year, so PS3 owners have a lot of catching up to do before they get their own golden console.

Update: The Behemoth also dropped us a line to remind everyone that Castle Crashers is 50 percent off on Xbox Live Arcade through the end of the year. Getting a head start on three million, I see.

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It's hard to believe that this has reached 2 million downloads (or players at least) when there's other superb games on XBLA that haven't even reached 100k sales.