Here Are Japan's 3DS Launch Titles

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These eight launch titles for the Nintendo 3DS were revealed today at the Nintendo World spectacular. All will be available Feb. 26.


Note these are the Japanese launch titles, and that the US and European lineup will likely differ.

The lineup, and prices (in yen) are:

Nintendogs & Cats ¥4,800

Winning Eleven Soccer 3D ¥5,800

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition ¥4,800

Samurai Warriors: Chronicle ¥6,090

Puzzle Bobble 3D ¥4,980

Ridge Racer 3D ¥6,090

Battle of the Giants: Dinosaurs 3D ¥5,040

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle ¥5,980

Roughly speaking, half of these titles (the more expensive ones) are priced around the region of a PSP game in Japan, the other half around that of a regular DS title.

[via Famitsu]


Ouch! Ridge Racer and Samurai Warriors are both like $73! I'm not sure how close the prices will stick to the current conversion rate, but I'll say right now that neither game is worth that much to me.

Looks like I'll hardly be buying any 3DS games new.