Was Modern Warfare 2 An Act Of Sabotage?

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Was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 a "silent rebellion" on the part of Infinity Ward, an early shot in the big Activision legal battle? Kotaku commenter Shibuya ESPer explores the possibility in today's Speak-Up on Kotaku.

Has anyone ever considered the ridiculous possibility that (Modern Warfare 2) was actually a premeditated "silent rebellion" type of thing by Infinity Ward since the very beginning?


Anyone who's played MW2 can agree, there's a shit-ton of imbalance in it. Tactical insertions and boosting, grenade launchers being too strong, certain kill streaks, and the fact kill streaks can chain into each other... It's just too much. Did IW really give that much attention to the balance of these weapons? Oh, did I mention how outclassed handguns are in comparison to other secondaries?

There's also all the weirdness going on with MW2's storyline. So many plot holes and questions come up when you actually sit down for a few minutes and examine the plotline. Price survived? How did he get captured? What the fuck is up with Shepherd? He was in cahoots with Makarov, then he backstabbed Makarov? How did he manage all that without being caught?

There's so many things that have been clouded by oversight to just dismiss it as simple mistakes. Did IW really care as much as they did for this game? Or were they fed up with Kotick and Activision that they decided to put less work into MW2 than they should have?

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I didn't like MW2 at all. We all moved on very quickly when Bad Company 2 came out.

CoD4 was crazy addicting for me. I had 18+ days played in multiplayer. I was dying for MW2 to come out, but was very disappointed.

Black Ops is, in my opinion, the best CoD game to date.