Is Nintendo Bringing Back The Insufferable 'Friend Code' For The 3DS?

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Nintendo's clumsy method for connecting Wii and Nintendo DS players to others online, the dreaded Friend Code system, may be returning for the Nintendo 3DS if a report from magazine Famitsu is accurate.

In a preview detailing online multiplayer for Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV 3D, the Japanese magazine writes that players can manage an online friend list by using Friend Codes. That's the uniquely generated, per-game, 12-digit long code that must be exchange between to players to connect to known players. At least that's how it works on the DS and Wii currently.

According to Andriasang's translation of the report, there's no mention of whether that 3DS Friend Code is still per-game or, more conveniently, universal.


We've asked Nintendo of America for clarification but have not yet received an official response. It's likely that we'll continue to waiting the North American unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS, which happens in New York City on January 19, to get confirmed details.

Super Street Fighter IV 3D Online Play Detailed [Andriasang via Tiny Cartridge]

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Damien Fate


Didn't they learn their lesson the last time?