This Is What A Battle Between 1,000 Orcs Looks Like In World of Warcraft

When a thousand freshly made Orcs—all on an even Level 1 playing field—get together for a scuffle in World of Warcraft it looks something like this, like well organized chaos.

This (forgive me) epic battle at the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale is thankfully sped up to the point where the Orc swarm looks not unlike a green ant colony gone wild. See how many Orcs fit on a zeppelin and what a thousand man free for all looks like, if you've got the minutes to spare.

Update: The folks from GameBreaker.TV are responsible for getting this Orc shindig together, an "'After Party' for our live viewers," they say, of their World of Warcraft online video series Legendary.


Thanks for the tip, Glaze Bros!

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Fernando Jorge

It is taking too long to reach the future where we have massive 1000 player battles in a game that controls like a FPS or something like it.

I'd like to see an MMO with fast paced action that is just an enormous battlefield of senseless killing.