PS3 Hacker Has To Give Up His Computers

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Sony is taking famed hacker George Hotz to court, claiming his contribution to jailbreaking the PS3 is breaking the law. As part of that case, the court gets access to all his computers.

Yes, as part of the case, Sony has been granted a temporary restraining order, which is common in situations like this. It's intended to basically freeze everything in place from the time of the allegation, so not only does Hotz have to take down all links to his PS3 work from his sites and cease working further on the effort, he has to hand all his gear in, everything from USB sticks to discs to entire workstations.


Seeing as his work is already popping up on mirror sites all over the internet, it makes you wonder why Sony even bothers, particularly given his "cult hero" status among the only people who will ever know this court case went down.

[PSX-Scene, via Make]

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Unless his defense attorney totally botches this, he'll win based on precedent. Still, the fact that the judge agreed to impound ALL HIS EQUIPMENT before even giving him a chance to state his case shows that she's not going to be fair or impartial.

Even if he did lose, at some point I'm sure he'd win on appeal... but Sony may be counting on bankrupting him before that.