Look, I don't get what's going on here either—and, yes, this is clearly not news—but apparently singer and controlled substance enthusiast Amy Winehouse will autograph whatever is handed to her when someone visits her London residence. A perfect example is that someone, a boy named Laurence we're told, knocked on Ms. Winehouse's door, offered up a copy of Donkey Konga for the Gamecube and a set of bongo controllers, upon which she scrawled something. I assume she then went off to pick fresh scabs while googly-eyed.

It's notable for being one of the few good uses for Donkey Konga bongo controllers and perfect as a response to confusing internet situations. You're welcome to make a copy with text that reads "I have no idea what you're talking about, so here's a picture of Amy Winehouse with bongo controllers."

Image via Bauer-Griffin.