Dead Space 2 Designer Made This Awesome Minecraft Trailer

A Visceral Games engineer built this Minecraftized trailer to celebrate Dead Space 2. "I put it up in time for launch but it was too dark," he writes. "Now that the partying has worn off, I remembered to brighten it."


The trailer was done by Michael Noonan, a gameplay engineer for Visceral. "The whole environment and shot set up I've done myself, though the actual scale of the marker is closer to the one in DS2," he told Kotaku. "I genned a couple worlds until I found a big mountain to put the marker inside, fortunately it was naturally hollow to begin with, I only needed to blow up a floor a bit.

"I didn't want to copy any Dead Space trailers, most of them show off the monsters which I just can't do in MineCraft, but it was definitely inspired by the 'Twinkle Twinkle' and 'Ring Around the Rosie' trailers. I'm not really good at audio stuff, so I spent a couple hours looking for a creepy a lullaby until I found that Silent Night music box melody that just seemed to fit the theme perfectly."

Stick around past the end for a special outtake involving a chicken and some necromorph shrieks. "I threw it in at the end as a sort of blooper reel gag," Noonan writes.

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Off topic: Dead Space 2 SPOILER, how to easily kill Stalkers:





Stalkers can be easily killed by running back to a room you were previously in, if possible. Stalkers appear to have incredible A.I., but that illusion will suddenly fall apart when you pass through their "engagement zone."

Outside the engagement zone, they will hide. As soon as you step through the threshold, they will suddenly pop out in pairs and skitter around. Keep walking in and out of the engagement zone and kill them all, one shot at a time. It's like whack a mole, except that you can specify exactly when they will pop out.

This method is for those who are completely frustrated by Issac's slow turning speed and the tendency for stalkers to butt-rape you.