The Toughest Game Cartridges Survive Fire, Flood, Ice, And Jell-O

Which video game console had the most resilient cartridges, the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis? Blistered Thumbs' Rinry lets her sadistic side shine as she boils, burns, freezes, and drops a pair of games to determine the toughest.

NHL Stanley Cup for the Super Nintendo faces off against Joe Montana Sports Talk Football for the Sega Genesis in five rounds of absolute plastic torture. I was surprised the games could hold up to this much torture. They sure knew how to build them back then. I'd love to see these tests run on today's disc-based titles, but I'm pretty sure I can predict the outcome without having to actually kill anything.

RinryGameGame – Who's Tougher?! Genesis vs. SNES [Blistered Thumbs - Thanks Jekku]

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Reminds of the time I saw a PS2 get crushed by a weight, while the Gamecube GTFO'd and the XBOX repelled it like a manly man's console.