And Now A Spooky Kinect Ghost Story

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In today's spooktacular edition of Speak-Up on Kotaku, commenter HeyCarl relays the twisted tale of the Kinect player that wasn't there.


Okay, my sister was telling me about her friend who has a Kinect. One night recently she was playing it (not sure what game though) with her son and after some time the son ends up going to bed but the mom continues to play and at some point while she's playing the Kinect picks up on another body... When there is no one around but herself. Immediately she turns it off and goes to her bedroom.

Now, I somewhat believe in ghosts and I'm thinking to myself, "Can the Kinect even pick up on something that isn't physically there?" So I'm trying to think of away where this situation would end up happening. Any thoughts? Or does the Kinect need to be hacked so we can communicate with otherworldly spirits?

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I saw a "ghost finder" app on the Droid X and thought it was bullcaca, but then I researched into how many sensors the phone actually has. The star trek tricorder app utilizes them I think.