This is weird. I feel like I don't have anything to play! It's Memorial Day weekend and, in the tradition of takin' it easy to honor the memory of U.S. soldiers who have died in military service to their country [Ed.'s note: :( ] I'll be takin' it real easy. I'll play whatever is on the inside of my many consoles already. Taking stock, that's Grand Theft Auto IV in the Xbox 360, Super Mario Galaxy in the Wii, Phantasy Star Collection in the PS2 and Haze in the PS3. Just kidding on that last one. I've had my fill. I'll make sure to put that right back in its case.

We've got some BBQing and pool partying that needs to get done, plus some lazing about, maybe some straightening of the U.S. flag outside Kotaku Towers West. Other than that, just kickin' it. You? What are you playing this extended holiday weekend, should you have one?