Albania-born Partizan Zejak, aged 28, and Nard Paloka, 29, have been convicted for stealing 1,440 PS3s last May from a PS3 distributor in Northampton, UK. Both Paloka and Zejak were previously employed by the distributor and now face prison sentences for the theft. Prosecuters stated that the pair were not the masterminds, but rather, used their knowlegde of the distributor's warehouse and security. They were able to evade the security guard by telling him they were picking up a shipment. The theft was discovered later that same day. According to the Northampton Chronicle, the value of their score was £700,000, or roughly US 1.3 million dollars. That's alotta money! That's alotta consoles!!

PS3s Stolen [Northampton Chronicle via PS3 Fanboy]