Duke Nukem Forever Gives Its Biggest Fans Balls Of Steel

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You've waited 14 years for the game to come out; why not splurge a little? 2K Games punctuates the May release of Duke Nukem Forever with a special edition that's as over-the-top and obnoxious as the game's star himself.


The Duke Nukem Forever Balls of Steel Edition for the Xbox 360, PC, and PlayStation 3 is a $99 (according to GameStop) box filled with enough swag to keep even the most hardcore Duke Nukem fan happy for another 14 years.

The Duke Nukem bust alone is worth the price. Having that loveable mug staring down at you 24/7 will keep Duke in your thoughts even if he slips into another decade and a half of development hell.


Along with the bust fans will score a collectible comic book, paper craft, postcards, a 100-page hardcover history book; you know what? Here's a list.

  • Collectible bust of the greatest alien ass-kicker of all-time
  • Numbered, limited-edition certificate of authenticity
  • 100-page hardcover book: The History, Legacy & Legend: Duke Nukem Forever Art from the Vault
  • Duke Nukem Forever postcard series
  • Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem sticker
  • Duke Nukem Forever collectible comic book
  • Duke Nukem Forever foldable paper craft
  • Duke Nukem Forever poker chips
  • Duke Nukem Forever mini-card deck
  • Duke Nukem Forever radioactive emblem dice

Would you pay $100 for this massive piece of Duke Nukem history, or do you prefer your balls on the softer side?

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Only problem I see with this box is it lacks real balls of steel. What's a girl suppose to do now? ^^

To be honest though, looks like a great box, at a great price. A lot of really nice goodies, that sticker will look nice on the side of my brand new NZXT tower, and the bust of Duke will look great in-between my Master Chief Bust and the Reach statue. Maybe he'll teach them how you really fight a war, d*** "power suited p******."

Sorry couldn't resist ^^

I was already sold on Duke Nukem Forever, now I'm sold on the game, and the Balls of steel edition. They better make a DNF2 :P

I think a phrase I heard in ME2 last night nicely fits Duke Nukem: "That human's got a quad."