Flashback Designer Creates Survival Horror Babysitting Adventure

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Paul Cuisset, the man behind the rotoscoped classic Flashback, takes a turn at survival horror with Amy, a tale of post-global warming horror that charges you with protecting one very special little girl.


Developed by Cuisset's VectorCell studio and published by Lexis Numérique for the PlayStation Network, Amy tells the tale of a near-future Earth gone horribly wrong. Global warming has run rampant, spreading disease and causing natural disasters all around the world. To make matters worse, a comet comes crashing down on the small town of Silver City, home to protagonist Lana. When she wakes up, chaos and rage reign supreme, bizarre creatures are running amok, and she's been infected by a mysterious virus. Her only hope is a little girl named Amy.

Amy acts as the player's sidekick through the adventure, helping solve puzzles, crawling through small spaces, and using her mysterious powers to stave off the infection spreading through Lana's body. Lana will develop infection-based powers as the story progresses, but without Amy she'll devolve into another mindless monster. Building trust with her will be key.


Enemies in Amy are intelligent, hunting in packs, using scent, hearing, and your heat signature to their advantage. Fight, hide, or even pit groups of monsters against each other. Whatever it takes to survive.

So far we've just got the one screenshot of Amy, but it's a nice looking screen, especially for a PlayStation Network title.

Amy is due out in the second quarter of 2011 for the PlayStation Network. The part of me that lovingly remembers Cuisset's Flashback is excited. The part of me that remembers he also worked on Shaq Fu is kicking that part.

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I guess now's a good time as any, but what happened to Survival Horror games? To a degree, they have truly lost what made them so special 10+ years ago. When Silent Hill and Resident Evil first came on the seen, they were actually scarier games than they were good/fun games.

Nowadays, Survival Horror games are becoming more game-like and a lot less horror-like. Part of the suspense in the original Resident Evil was the lack of ammo. It made the experience feel more like a horror movie. Walking into a room with 5 zombies with I only have 7 bullets (or less)! The intensity level is hiked up, and it made the experience that much scarier.

But Resident Evil 4 and 5 have dropped all of that and now insist excessive amounts of ammo. Even games like Saw just make a game of things (Well, I guess that was kind of the way the movie was) as opposed to truly creating a scary experience.

The only game in recent years (At least for consoles) that was pretty damn scary was Dead Space. However, even Dead Space was relieved by crazy upgrades for Isaac, once again watering down the scary experience.

I guess all I'm truly wanting is a proper Survival Horror game to revive things. I'm tired of semi-scary action games. If I buy a Survival Horror game, I expect to play a game where I fear to turn the lights our. A game where I fear turning corners, because I don't know what's creeping around. And most importantly, a game that creates moments of panic and desperation. With today's technology, this can easily be done! So lets do it, shall we?