GameStop Now Offering 500GB Refurbished PlayStation 3 With All The Fixins

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In the market for a PlayStation 3 but feel 320GB just isn't enough space? For only $50 more you can get a refurbished PS3 from GameStop with a 500GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue Hard Drive and much, much more.


Looks like GameStop has figured out an innovative way to move their used PlayStation 3 inventory. Working with Recharged, the service the company turns to for most of their refurbishing needs, GameStop is putting 500GB PlayStation 3 consoles on the market bundled together with enough accessories to make buying used more attractive than buying new.

For $399.99 the package includes a PlayStation 3 Slim with the 500GB Western Digital, a special Supercharged console skin, and a one year warranty to help ease the worry of purchasing refurbished. The package also comes with a media hub with remote, increasing the number of USB slots from two to four and allowing for controller-less playback of Blu-ray movies and DVDs, and a charging base that can provide power to two PS3 controllers at once.


It's even packed with an HDMI cable so you can hook the console up to the best source right out of the box.

We can all get angry now and throw things around, grumbling about how much we hate GameStop, but this is actually a pretty nifty idea.

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So I'm probably going to get a PS3 in a month or so. Is 160 gb enough? I don't download too many movies but I know you have to install all your games.