Taking Turns With The PSP Beats Attacking Your Twin Brother With A Chair Leg

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A 13-year-old boy in Solon, Ohio, took a trip to juvie hall earlier this month after reportedly assaulting his twin brother with a broken chair leg because he wouldn't give him a turn at the PSP. Where's the brotherly love?

I guess it's a state over in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In Ohio the brotherly love is replaced with rage and jealousy powerful enough to make a 13-year-old smash a wooden chair and go after his twin brother with it.

According to Solon Police reports, the two brothers had been arguing over whose turn it was to play on the PlayStation Portable. During the argument, one of the boys hid in the closet in order to play the system in peace. The other brother then smashed apart a wooden chair and attacked his twin with a piece of it.


Police were called to the scene, the offending brother hauled off, charged with one count of domestic violence and spending some time in the city's juvenile facility for his trouble.

What could have possibly been so intriguing on the PSP that one brother would go at another with a piece of broken furniture? The world may never know.

As a man expecting the birth of twin boys in a few months, I can't wait until they start assaulting each other with furniture. They grow up so fast!

13-Year-Old Solon Boy Arrested for Assaulting His Twin Brother Over Videogame [Solon Patch]

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This is nothing...I took a 9 iron to my brother after he unplugged the phone cord going to my Dreamcast when I was trying to play PSO. No one fucks with my connection!