Hope You Like Ads, Because Battlefield 3 Will Shovel Lots at You

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This may have been a prediction. It sure as hell sounds like a threat. This year, Activision and Electronic Arts will both spend more on the marketing for two games than many publishers will ever spend on developing one, said Electronic Arts' CEO. As he was speaking to a conference of advertisers, it was surely music to their ears.


John Riccitiello told the Ad Age Conference to expect "a couple hundred million dollars [in] marketing against" Call of Duty and Battlefield's next entries this year, reports Gamasutra. Tossing red meat to Battlefield fans and Activision haters, Riccitiello said Battlefield 3 is "designed to take [Call of Duty] down."

In another comment sure to delight players of of both games' multiplayer modes, Riccitiello suggested that in-game advertising doesn't necessarily mean billboards within the set design of a level. Half of online multiplayer time is spent in lobbies, he said, where "today's consumer is very much expecting advertising." See? You asked for it!

Riccitiello: Battlefield 3, Call of Duty To Spend Hundreds Of Millions On Ad Battle [Gamasutra]



I don't understand why EA invest so much into trying to 'take down' CoD - they have so many geat franchises under their publishing belt and a huge amount of talent with EA Partners, Activision has what, Call of Duty, the no

w dead Hero franchises? Spiderman? Seriously, EA has a fantastic and diverse portfolio of games and Activision has one (massively popular) franchise and some movie licences, if they didn't have Blizzard they wouldn't have much else.

EA, you guys should be pleased that you have so many well selling and adored franchises other than just one that at any point can collapse under its own weight (like Guitar Hero).

Ok, yes, Battlefield doesn't sell the 30 million CoD does, but when you have a dozen plus that easily sell five million or more along with the smaller games that sell a couple hundred thousand or a million is that not better than having just one bread winner?