Video Game Portables Transformed Into Very Young Looking Girls

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For a game about game consoles transformed into hot women, Hyperdimension Neptunia wasn't very good. That's why there are sequels!

Compile Heart, the studio behind the first game, is back with another Neptunia title. This time the game won't focus on female personifications of home game consoles, but rather, female personifications of portable game consoles. The game features a new battle system and new characters: the "purple sister" is Nepgear, the "black sister" is called Uni and the "white sisters" are dubbed Rom and Ram.


In the game, there is also a real time Twitter parody as everybody in the game world is so into tweeting. According to images running in Japanese game magazines, there are images of avatars for the Twitter parody that look like Mario, the Sony cat Toro and former Sega mascot Segata Sanshiro.

This time, the game machines aren't transformed into women, but, what appears to be young girls. Perhaps the rationale is that portables are newer than home consoles. That's the rationale, at least.

Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 will be out this August in Japan on the PS3.

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I put Hyperdimension Neptunia on my rental list ages ago when it looked alright and forgot to take it off again when it turned out to be shit, and so a few weeks back it arrived on my doorstep. I said to my brother, before even putting the disc in, "This is the kind of game made by horny Japanese men that would've much rather made hentai but instead got stuck making a game, it'll be all about "hawt" girls and innuendo and gameplay will be forgotten entirely."

Then I put the disc in and started playing. Ten minutes into the game there was a scene where one "hawt" anime girl wraps another one up in full body bandages and she's shown as pretty much naked during that point. So part one of my original theory was true, they're clearly going for the "Let's keep them playing by making them horny instead of keeping them with gameplay =D" approach. Then I got to the gameplay, oh my fucking god it was awwwwwful. I haven't played a game that felt that bad since the PS1, I'm not even exaggerating. Everything about it was terrible.

I really, really hate these kinds of developers, Gust, Compile Heart, Idea Factory, they're all as bad as eachother. They don't give a shit about creating a quality game, they just want to draw cute girls with big boobs and short skirts and then have them retort line after line of lesbian innuendo to eachother in the hope that horny teenagers will be able to look past the awful gameplay because they're too busy rubbing one out at the sight of (under-aged?) girls in bikinis.

Swimsuit DLC...I'm not even kidding...