A Team Fortress 2 Update With No Hats? What Is This?

Illustration for article titled A emTeam Fortress 2/em Update With No Hats? What Is This?

Valve has released a sizeable Team Fortress 2 update, and for once, it's not all about hats.

It's actually about things that are useful. Like a new coaching mode, where you can jump online with someone who will teach you how to play. And a "new" map (a smaller version of Badlands). And a whole bunch of improvements to everything from the quality of voice communications to the game's bots. And three new classes (Demo, Engineer & Spy) have been added to TF2's training mode.

You can read the full changelog at the link below.

[The Hatless Update]

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squared off

Hooray, airblast backburner! But the Demoman's swords got nerfed. :/