Binary Domain is a Prophetic Vision of the Robot Apocalypse

Behold our first glimpse of gameplay from Sega's Binary Domain, a cautionary tale in which humanity must fight for survival against the highly advanced robots we created with our own hands. I bet Watson is behind this.

It's the same old story I've been shouting from street corners for years. "Stop making robots!" I'd yell. "They're going to kill us all and transform us into flesh-based toaster ovens." That's a normal toaster over, only all the components are made out of flesh, and it smells like bacon when you turn it on. I have no idea why the robots would need this.


While I was aiming at 2030, Sega's Yakuza team seems to think this is all going down in Japan in the year 2080, which makes sense considering where they park their cars.

It looks very metal. Gun-shot riddled metal, to be precise. I think I approve, but then you never can really tell how well a multi-cultural squad of commandos battling out-of-control robots in futuristic Japan really feels until you play it for yourself. Perhaps we'll get a chance at E3 in June?

Binary Domain is in development for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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If anyone's interested, the song is Aren't We All Running by 65daysofstatic