This Is What A Minecraft Tsunami Looks Like

In the standard game, Minecraft's water behaves like everything else in the game: like a block. DJoslin's "FiniteLiquid" mod, however, turns it into actual water, which can have devastating results.

The mod changes the behaviour of water in the game by giving oceans an "infinite" amount of the blue stuff. What this means is that if you break a "wall" or piece of terrain that's holding back the ocean, the game's water will flood in realistically.

And I'm not talking "flood a mine" kind of flooding. I'm talking "bury half the map in water" kind of flooding, which you'll see in the above vid if you head to around the 3:55 mark.


Accompanying the mod are some pipes and pumps so you can mess around with the water some more, give your manor house that cascading water feature you've always wanted.

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FiniteLiquid v2 [DJoslin, via Boing Boing]

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Only, there's one very basic problem with having "a limited amount of water in the world" in Minecraft.

- The Minecraft world is damn near infinite. It generates as you explore. And I thought I read somewhere that the world in Mincraft could theoretically be around 7 times the surface of the Earth before the game can't generate any more terrain (and somewhere else I've read that even that is not the real limit). And that would mean you have one frickin' huge Minecraft save file.

Also, if the water in the world is finite, how is it that you are given three different tools for creating water out of thin air?

Having water that behaves like it's finite and having an actual limit to the amount of water in the Minecraft world are not the same thing.

And this is the result. You place a block of water somewhere, it behaves like finite water does, and you end up raising the sea level in your Minecraft world permanently.