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It Only Does Bullet Holes

Tip: Turn the sound off. No, really. Do it. Unless you enjoy moronic slurs! Otherwise, witness what a Desert Eagle can do to a borked PlayStation 3.


The U.S. Constitution gives its citizens the right to bear arms. That doesn't necessarily mean everyone should.

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Seeing the near-idiocy of comments here about how this video shows why some people shouldn't be allowed to own guns, I can't help but interject.

First, you can't own either of those firearms in a lot of states in the US due to just restrictions. Bump-firing is also illegal in states where assault weapons come only in semi-automatic fire modes. Any modification would be illegal. Ammunition would be extremely scarce and pricey to purchase. And due to the fact that he owns a .50AE Desert Eagle and an is more than safe to assume that he's a good expert on firearms. Does this necessarily translate to common sense? No, but it means he's conscious about how to handle them.

Second, since owning a firearm means going through background checks to make sure a person is not, one) mentally unstable or two) have prior criminal record. Do people slip between the cracks at times? Yes they do, but how many of those kinds of people spend thousands of dollars of just two weapons when they can easily buy other cheaper (albeit less powerful yet equally effective) guns?

Thirdly, obvious troll has gotten everyone riled up.