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It's Deus Ex Running on Not One, Not Two, but Three Monitors

It was just this morning we were taking a good, long look at using three monitors for your PC gaming. And now, whaddya know, we have footage of Deus Ex running across three monitors!


There are some at the pointier edge of the glorious PC master race who will no doubt endorse this kind of business, but really? You can really enjoy a game like this? The bars of the monitors just break it for me. It'd be like playing a first-person game where instead of a person, I was a space shuttle pilot.


Which would be awesome if that's what the game was about, but since it's not, it's stupid.

Illustration for article titled Its emDeus Ex/em Running on Not One, Not Two, but Three Monitors

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will support DirectX11, 3D and AMD Eyefinity [PC Gamer]

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As someone that actually runs an eyefinity setup, I think you need to try it out, with games that support triple-screen natively before making the assumption that it's stupid. The bezels aren't even an issue as you won't even know they're there.