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Report: Next-Gen Xbox Already at EA; EA: That's a 'Total Fabrication'

Illustration for article titled Report: Next-Gen Xbox Already at EA; EA: Thats a Total Fabrication

Now that Nintendo has revealed its plans to jump into the next-generation with a successor to the Wii, will Microsoft and Sony follow suit? A report earlier today from Develop says that not only is Microsoft working on the next Xbox console, it's already in the hands of developer Electronic Arts.


The hitch? EA says that's not true at all.

Develop's report cited a "senior, trusted, well-placed source" who claimed that the successor to the Xbox 360 is real and sitting on the desks of an "unnamed Electronic Arts studio" in its non-finalized hardware form. Speculation by that source pointed to a "late 2012" launch for Microsoft's next-gen console.


Reached for comment on that rumor and speculation, EA categorically denied the report.

"This story is a total fabrication – 100 percent not true," said EA VP of communications Jeff Brown in a statement to Kotaku.

Kotaku has heard from its own sources that Microsoft and Sony are looking further into the future for the next Xbox and PlayStation 4, possibly as late as 2014.

Illustration for article titled Report: Next-Gen Xbox Already at EA; EA: Thats a Total Fabrication

Develop source: New Xbox console on desks at EA [Develop]

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Y'know, it's only during times like these when people in the comments start referring to the next Xbox system as the 720 do I realize that Xbox 360 is just a truly silly name. It almost sounds like something made up for the purposes of satire. I'm surprised that I am able to unironically look forward to going home tonight to play games on my Xbox (terrible) 360 (what!?).

(Although I do think the use of 360 to be a somewhat clever way of retaining the brand recognition of the Xbox without having to look inferior to the Playstation 3 by selling an Xbox 2.)

The Wii isn't a great name either, but at least it was weird enough that it was memorable and got people talking about it.