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What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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This weekend, I may revisit an old friend, Counter-Strike: Source, for some mindless, getting-shot-in-the-head fun. It's just the what the doctor ordered—the one who prescribes video games—after what I've recently been playing.


See, earlier this week, I finally nabbed that Platinum Trophy in Demon's Souls. It only took a few hundred hours, five playthroughs, multiple characters and the help of a good friend, but it's officially done. And after witnessing every white world and black world tendency event, and acquiring every spell, miracle, weapon, ring and armor set—well, almost—I think I'm tapping out for good. On to Dark Souls! Or at least to more PvP when the PlayStation Network returns from the dead.

I better gear up though. Tons of pre-E3 previews are coming soon. Gotta warm up these thumbs. Maybe some more Pac-Man Championship Edition DX will help...


What about you? What are you playing this weekend?

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MORE ROF YEAAAAAAAA!!!!! But seriously I'm loving the hell out of this game. The battle system is fan-freaking-tastic, it's like a mixture of turn based and action. I've played it so much that I'm tri-attacking in my dreams. Well, I'm off to get more yellow energy hexes!