Report: Dead or Alive: Dimensions Is Kiddy Porn in Sweden?

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The 3DS's line-up is slimmer in Sweden. Fighting game Dead or Alive: Dimensions isn't currently on the website for Bergasala, a Nintendo game distributor. There might be a good reason for that.


Bergsala's Patrik Johansson told Swedish website GameReactor, "Nintendo of Europe has due to various reasons decided not to distribute the game in Sweden. They do not want to go into details, but state it is due to several reasons. Thus, unfortunately I cannot declare Nintendo's reasoning regarding the matter."

Apparently, the reasoning is that the game features underage female characters in revealing outfits. Kasumi, Kokoro and Ayane are all under 18, and DOA: Dimensions has a Figure Mode in which photos of the girls can be snapped. This might be the reason. Or something.


One Swedish game retailer supposedly got an email stating that the game was considered child pornography and therefore wasn't going on sale in Sweden. "The game has not been reported to the police as far as I know," said Johansson. "But I do know that consumers have threatened to report the game. Although that does not necessarily mean that game actually breaks any Swedish law."

Swedish law regarding child pornography encompasses drawn and animated characters.

As Swedish reader Doneaux, this fuss over DoA is odd considering that the age of consent in Sweden is 15 years old.

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Barnporr i Dead or Alive 3DS? [Gamereactor Thanks, Doneaux!]

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I heard in Australia porn featuring women under A-cups in size is illegal for imitating children porn. That's not to say that a 22 year old A-cup woman in pig tails with a lollipop is exclusively considering children porn, but ANY shots of a woman in an A-cup or lower in a sexually or erotically explicate way is considered children porn.

This is one of those laws I like to over analyze (because nothing can really be over analyzed unless it's not meant to be thought about too much in which case it's likely fundamentally flawed). For example, it's still legal to marry women who are under B-cup in chest size and have sex with them. Does that mean anyone marrying a woman with a flat chest should be considered a pedophile? Why or why not?

I hate pedophilia as much as the next, but any time you obsess about preventing such acts and thoughts to the point of removing even the most loosely related temptations from the public eye it becomes obsessive. I mean why not force all kids to wear masks and chastity belts? Why not force all children to live far away and to be educated in a safe environment where no one can rape them or see them naked? At what point is too far too far?

People be crazy.