Why Does NBA All-Star Blake Griffin Want to be in Rage?

The tie-in between reigning NBA Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin and Rage, the forthcoming post-apocalyptic first person shooter from id Software and Bethesda Softworks, eludes me. Griffin's last (and only) video game gig came on the cover of NCAA Basketball 10, canceled four months after release. Maybe he's seeking redemption? Maybe he hung onto his mo-cap suit and wants to find a use for it? Maybe Bethesda had some money laying around in its marketing budget?


Supposedly the answers are on Rage's official web site, but so far, there's only a post containing this video.



I uh...well he...I got nothing. Only thing that comes to mind is that his voice may be in the game maybe? Or they just need him to mo-cap a very large character? Quite humorous tho.