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Which E3 Game Involves This Plastic Doll Head?

Illustration for article titled Which E3 Game Involves This Plastic Doll Head?

This doll head arrived in the mail today. Sender's name on the box that contained it is Rebecca Jorden.

Illustration for article titled Which E3 Game Involves This Plastic Doll Head?

This is the back of the head.

Figure it out?

Rebecca Jorden = "Newt" from the movie Aliens. In the classic 1986 James Cameron action flick, she carries a plastic doll head called Casey.


Looks like this is promotional swag for the long-in-the-making Aliens: Colonial Marines game from Gearbox Software and Sega. Makes sense. We've got plans to see it at E3 in two weeks.

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Why do developers send stuff like this out to journalists (or bloggers, since Kotaku likes to pretend what they do isn't journalism, so lesser standards apply to them)?

Is it precisely so they write about "look what I got in the mail today!" thus giving the game free exposure/advertising?

Because I assume had Gearbox Software/Sega not sent this head, this article never would have been written, and I wouldn't have heard of this game until Kotaku wrote about it for E3.

Does this cross any journalistic integrity lines? Or is this just where gaming journalism is - where if Kotaku doesn't give this game free advertising because of the free swag sent to them, Gearbox/Sega won't send them a free advance copy to review (and I'm assuming journalists love free advance copies to review)?

Do we trust journalists' (or bloggers') opinions to be untainted despite free stuff like this when it comes down to giving an honest review of the game?

Just some thoughts/questions.