Silent Hill Also Getting HD Collection; NGP Silent Hill Announced

At its pre-E3 event today, Konami revealed that Silent Hill 2 and 3 also would be getting the HD collection treatment, and a new entry in the series is being built for Sony's NGP handheld.


Silent Hill: Book of Memories is the NGP title; a disclaimer shown with the game's logo noted that the concept was not yet approved by Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The Silent Hill Collection was not given a release date.

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nate venture

I...dammit......damn you Konami. I keep trying to get away from Silent Hill, but you KEEP dragging me back. I'll probably at least pick up the Silent Hill Collection.

The NGP title......we'll see. If it's closer in line with Origins than with Homecoming and the upcoming console title, then maybe I'll get it. Origins was the last good SH game I' played, as I've yet to go get Shattered Memories (heard good thing but obviously won't judge unless I play).