Turkish Cops Arrest 32 Suspected Anonymous Members

After Spanish cops arrested a trio of suspected Anonymous members, the Turkish police now say it has arrested 32 suspected Anonymous members, including eight minors. No word yet if they were involved in the PSN hacks. [The Guardian]


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After reading only a small bit of the article, I immediately came to the conclusion that its very doubtful these people were involved in the PSN hacks, or even participated in any of Anon's activities.

"Turkey is due to introduce an obligatory nationwide internet filtering system in August that will see users forced to sign up to one of four filters.

These are labelled "domestic", "family", "children" or "standard", but hacker activists gathered under the Anonymous umbrella claim they will lead to state control of individual internet use, and allow authorities to keep records of such use."

Sounds like people are responding to an overbearing governmental shift, but Turkish police nipped them.