We're Talking About Acts 1 and 2 of Shadows of the Damned Right Here

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Ok everybody, it's finally time. Lets talk about Shadows of the Damned. Today we're going discuss acts One and Two (Sorry about the short notice on that.) Anyways, we're all here now. I'm just going to throw out a few questions, which will hopefully serve as a jumping off point for you if you didn't have an idea you were burning to put out there. If you do have something else to talk about, please feel free to completely ignore these.


Just like past Game Clubs, we're going to do the real heavy lifting in the comments.

1) I was struck by the fact that, while Garcia Hotspur curses a lot, I never felt that it was superfluous because it was part of his identity. Would you say that's true, or is it too early in the story to say that he actually has one?


2) Humor is definitely an central component of the game and the story. Did you think the game was funny? If so, why? If not, do you think that game can still be successful without being funny?

3) As I was playing, I couldn't help but think of another game released this month with a penchant for cursing and pubescent humor. I haven't played Duke Nukem Forever, but If any of you have I'd love to hear your thoughts on about the jokes from each game and how they compare. Which is funnier? Why? Are they even really comprable?

4) The controls of this game are very reminiscent of Resident Evil 4. If you've played it, do you think that using mechanics that you learned and now associate with another game helps or hurts your ability to enjoy this one?

One last thing, does Garcia Hotspur remind anybody else of a young Benecio Del Toro?


Let's talk it out. I'll be hanging around for the next hour.

Note: The next meeting of the Game Club, where we'll be discussing Act 3 of Shadows of the Damned, will be held next Thursday, June 30th, at 4pm eastern.

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Colton Bradley

Can't believe all the people defending this game, ok so the enemy and enviroment design is relatively new and refreshing but every video I've seen of this game show all of the dick jokes are just stupid and reek of trying too hard. I love how people bashed DNF as immature and stupid but everyone loves this games equally immature, not thats a bad thing necessarily but everyone hated on DNF for it, if not worse dick jokes just cause Suda worked on this game. Add in the fact that these jokes seem to be delivered in a non stop constant stream of stupidity makes this a no buy for me right now, might get it once the price drops cause I do find it somewhat interesting. Not worth $60 though, especially not for a solely single player game that can easily be beaten in under 10 hours.