Developers, That Game of Yours Was Great-and How You Made It Is, Too.

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After beating a game, wouldn't you like to see just how the developers brought the experience to you? And isn't it a treat when you find that in some games you can? MtlAngelus thinks so-with one minor qualm


Videogame developers: I love when you include behind-the-scenes or making-of videos with your games. I seriously do. Sometimes, that'll even push me over into buying a game I wasn't too interested in. It's just awesome stuff, seeing the creative process behind the game, how you achieved some impressive tech/graphics, what your company is like, what levels were left out and for what reasons... It's just, cool stuff.

Just one small thing. Please, PLEASE do give us basic playback functions. Rewind, fast forward. PAUSE.


SRSLY PEOPLE. It can't possibly be that hard.

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specially as someone who is learning and working to join the game industry, i'd love to have more and more in-depth"making ofs" to games