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Jen on Friday sent out a plea for more TAYpics and Koda89, a veteran of the 'Shop Contest, knows I report for duty the next day, and how eminently publishable I find anything featuring Asshole Dog from Duck Hunt. Thus, your image to start the day.


Unless I'm giving Koda89 too much credit; I dunno. But it works for me, and now you all know the key to my heart. 'Shop up something with Asshole Dog and you're probably looking at TAYpic glory when I run the show.

Anyway, welcome to Weekend Talk Amongst Yourselves. I'm your server, Owen Good. Our specials today are roasted talk served amongst yourselves julienne.


To get your TAYpic featured here, be sure to submit your images to #TAYpics. For instructions on how to do a TAYpic, check out this thread.

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The Geek Empress

Friends, Romans, Kotakuites, lend me your ears (or at least your advice)

After many moons of being poor college student to being just plain poor I have finally joined the ranks of the employed and finally have the money to buy a new system. Problem is I'm not sure which one to get. Now before y'all start going all fanboy on me with your favorite system I need to explain some things. First off I am an extremely picky gamer. I tend to be very loyal to franchises and fickle about playing styles. So before your recommendations here are some things you need to know.

1. I do not have internet. I use hotspots with my laptop, but I do not have a connection at home. So any indy game, any multiplayer and any DLC is automatically off the table. If it's not on a disk, it doesn't exist for me.

2. I hate M rated games. I don't think gore adds to a gaming experience and if I want to see sex I'll watch porn. If it's a game that gets an M rating because it's just a little worse than a T game, that's fine (Like from what I hear about the Persona games) but any tit-and-gore fest is out

3. With precious few exceptions I do not like FPSes. In real life my reflexes and coordination are almost cripplingly awful. So if I can't avoid splitting my face open in real life, avoiding a headshot in a game is impossible. I find FPSes frustrating and frustrating is the opposite of fun.

4.No sidescrollers for the same above reason. I've hated them since the NES days and my opinion of them hasn't improved.

Basically I like any turn-based RPGs, puzzle games, strategy games, sandbox games, visual novels, non-ero dating sims, some rhythm games, some fighting games, some action-adventure games.

So based off of my requirements am I best off getting an Xbox, a PS3 or a Wii and what games do you recommend?